Jose Sanchez

Head Chef

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Moovina in Plaza Indonesia is a dual combo of concept dining by Indonesia’s two accomplished designers, Anthony Liu and Willis Kusuma. The result is a creative, modern and elegant space for social dining and gathering, corporate events and regular birthday parties. With 2 completely different settings on both floors, Moovina offers the Jakarta market two contrasting experiences in one sexy packaging.

Level 3 Houses a one of a kind “outdoor” garden environment reminiscing of the beautiful garden dining establishments in France or Italy. Probably, Moovina is the first indoor restaurant that utilizes real living plants to achieve a realistic impression to all its guests.

The Main dining room on the 4th floor oozes urban contemporary feel with a dynamic sensation, especially during peak times when the Executive Chef Mirko Lanini is barking orders to his kitchen brigade. Born in Tuscany, Chef Mirko specializes in the rustic Italian specialties of one of the most beautiful and scenic regions in Italy, complete with its own diverse vineyards.

A sexy fireplace roaring at the center of the Bar area sets Moovina apart from other dining establishments. When the sun sets, Moovina turns into a buzzing lounge and dining area, perfect for those craving for an intimate environment whilst sipping a glass of Moët & Chandon champagne and tickling the taste buds with its delicious desserts.